Next DCTUG meeting will be held Tuesday July 23, 2019 beginning at 6:00PM   Room 242 in the Terry Everett Building at Troy University Dothan Campus

Our July 2019 meeting will focus on Ken Gableman’s Program concerning Contacts and how to best use,optimize and protect them, he will also review computer components and how they interrelate in building your own computer.  We will continue discussing  topics that are on the minds of our participants including system backups, website optimizing, restore point creation, building your own computer, Bluetooth devices etc.   Additionally we will assist members in resolving technical issues that they are having with their devices. We invite you to join us for this program and bring your ideas and experiences along. The Dothan Computer & Technology Users Group extends a standing invitation for you to meet with us as we work to learn more about our computing and technology world.

For more information contact George Mathison at 334-671-1032 or visit our web site at dctug.org