Upgrade or Build Your Computer

To Upgrade or Build Your Computer


Mathison & Dave Wehrly

Talking Points:

What is your computer used for? Decide what you want
from your computer.

Is computer capable of upgrade?

Check the specifications of your computer.

Run Microsoft Window 7 Compatibility software.

Running slow or you are having problems with the
operating system?

Add more RAM if possible. 32bit=3
GB Max, 64bit=16+ GB.

Adding more RAM would be less expensive if you have the

Upgrading you wouldn’t have the latest technologies.

Purchase a new computer from one of the retailers.

Might not get components you would want in a new

Custom made computer would be more costly with the same

Build a new computer.

Spending the time is well worth it.

What kind of features of computer would you use in a
new computer?

What Operating System would want?

Numerous sites on the internet on how to build a
computer (video’s, articles)

Numerous sites on the internet that
have reviews on components and computers.

Using the internet (Amazon, Newegg,
and Tiger-Direct) to find components.

Double checking continually to make sure your
components match.

Best time of the year to order.

Checking prices for the same

Last step would be to order all equipment.

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