Connect Your Media Devices With Netgear WNCE3001

wnce3001You are probably hooked up to the Internet like me.  You have cable or twisted pair coming into your house.  A MODEM separates the digital service from others, providing the input to a WI-Fi router for your laptop, smartphone, e readers or other mobile devices.  You might have a desktop PC plugged into the router with an Ethernet cable.  Most big flat screens, DVD players, or Apple TV are designed to be connected to the Internet through an RJ-45 connector, i.e. an Ethernet cable.  Chances are your router is not located at your TV center.  Netgear offers a solution to the problem with their Universal Dual Band Wireless Adapter – WNCE3001.  The device, about the size of a pack of cigs, provides a wireless connection to those devices that only offer an RJ-45 connector.  The WNCE3001 has the new wireless feature WPS, Wireless Protected Setup, but this is not a universally accepted standard yet, and many legacy routers are missing this feature.  WEP/WPA can be implemented by connecting the WNCE3001 to a PC with an Ethernet cable.  The WNCE3001 then provides a webpage in which your particular security protocol can be configured.  The WNCE3001 can then be connected to the media device.  Power is supplied by a USB cable.  Either plug the USB cable into any free connection or use the ACtoUSB wall brick that is provided.

The WNCE3001 has an MSRP of about 100 bucks which is not a cost efficient solution to this problem.  Setting up the device is not an easy chore.  The Internet connection on your PC must be removed and the LAN connection enabled.  I spent the better part of 30 minutes troubleshooting the configuration failure until I realized I had my LAN connector disabled.

Tiger Direct is offering this device for $29.95 plus about $6.00  S&H.  The device is re-furbished.  I have some experience in electronics retail.  This device is difficult to install and is experiencing a lot of returns.  I suspect there is nothing intrinsically wrong with the units.  The unit I received had no software or user manual.  I did not need either.  The instructions are easily found on the Netgear website.  This is a great value if you have the patience for the difficult install.  I believe the price will only be available for a limited time.

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