An Argument for Status Quo

An Argument for Status Quo

By:  George B Mathison III, President

Dothan Computer & Technology Users Group

Dothan, AL

In this day of numerous technologies, software updates, upgrades, and the now present Windows 10 platform I began to think of all the things that will need to be done in order to maintain the overall efficiency of my current computer.  Now my computer ( Big Machine),  a 2 year old AMD A10-5800k desktop running Win 7 Ultimate with Lightroom 5, Photoshop CS5, MS Office 2002, Wacom Tablet, Acronis 2013, Avast, Malwarebytes, Ccleaner, with an HP OfficejetPro L7780, Epson Stylus Photo R2400 and numerous external hard drives, will need to be upgraded to run the Win 10 software.

It is clear that Adobe no longer supports Photoshop CS5 therefore whether this program will run in this new 10 environment remains unanswered. This is only one of many of my programs that fall into this category.  Even if the programs run, my printers, tablet, etc will need compatible drivers and profiles in order to function efficiently.  Hence one  Argument for the Status Quo.

My solution is to take my current (Big Machine)  setup off line and replace it with an inexpensive (cheap) PC  running Win 10 and use this on the internet.  I also plan to purchase another hard drive and clone the (Cheap) HD so if and when I get hacked or my data is held for ransom, I will simply swap the drives out and keep on trucking.

I plan to use my current monitor and keyboard setup.  A KVM switch (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) will be used to share a single monitor and keyboard and will only need the  flip of a switch to utilize these two computers. Any files or other information needed by the Big Machine will be transferred via  jump drives or other media.

I have already removed all the additional HD’s from my Big machine and placed them in switched external enclosures.  These will be switched on when needed and when not on the internet.  I believe that it is a little more difficult to hack a device (HD’s, etc.) that is disconnected, than one that is plugged in and turned on.

What about printers, scanners and other peripherals?  They will need new drivers providing they can be accessed by the new O/S or software. Here is where an investment of time coupled with  trial an error will yield the ultimate answer.

Soft and hardware manufacturers will always want you to update and upgrade their products ( It’s how they make their money to stay in business)-a good thing.  However, we consumers need to be cognizant of the perils that lurk around the corner or around the web.

Hackers are getting more and more sophisticated in their attack protocol and   we will always be playing catch-up as users but by doing a little critical thinking and prevention, perhaps we can stave off an attack a while longer and just enjoy the usefulness of this wonderful technology.  Thus another  Argument for Status Quo.  Not a solution for everyone but perhaps some.

Most of us are always looking for the latest and greatest technology but jumping to the leading edge may not always be the most prudent move.  Sometimes we may be better off by letting someone else go through the trials and tribulations and let us learn from their experience.

As prudent consumers we should challenge ourselves to keep current with technological changes which can impact out data, devices, or security.  We will probably never have 100% secure data or devices but working toward that goal is not all bad, only time intensive.

Therefore for the time being I intend to keep the Status Quo.  What do you think will work best for you?

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