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My Encounter with storage structures while investigating Linux

You will most likely encounter an ISO file for installing Linux on your old XP machine.  After I downloaded this file, I dragged and dropped the file on my DVD drive icon in Windows Explorer and then burned the contents to a DVD.  I wasn’t all that surprised when I found the ISO file nicely burned on what is now a festive window ornament. Continue reading

Why PC users hate Microsoft

Transcribed without permission from PCWorld February 2013 – Editor’s Letter by Jon Phillips the editor of PCWorld
I can’t remember the last time I saw an email or article comment in which a PCWorld reader professed love – or any measure of affection – for Microsoft.  In fact, I’ve been covering PCs as a journalist since 1995, and I cant recall any reader ever sharing even the smallest bit of warmth for the company that has been instrumental to the health and welfare of the PC platform. Continue reading

Organize Your documents with OneNote

From the inception of the personal computer revolution, there has been game changer applications that spurred the growth of the PC industry; Electric Pencil, Visicalc, Lotus 123, Peachtree Accounting, and dBaseII – the CP/M program from Ashton Tate not the mainframe program from IBM.  Though Microsoft’s OneNote cannot possibly stand with these legends, it does fill a need missing with available personal productivity software: a simple way to organize documents and files in one place.

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Installing WordPress on a Windows 7 Ultimate development system

Installing WordPress on a Windows 7 Ultimate development system

Virtually all active web sites operate on remote servers.  Remote server management makes it difficult to create, install, maintain, and repair a remote web site.  A local web development system makes web site management easier and more efficient.  Microsoft provides just such an app on most Windows 7 versions with IIS 7.x; Internet Information Servies. Continue reading